Zorzini Manways

The Zorzini 165 is ideal for smaller tanks. It measures 17" x 13" and a EPDM natural rubber gasket comes standard. Stocked in 304SS.

Rectangular doors are often used on red wine tanks to speed the removal of cap or must from the bottom of the tank. The rectangular shape better accommodates shovels so that the cleaning process can be accomplished quickly. A rectangular door is often used in combination with an oval racking door (see testimonial photo below) to determine when the proper amount of wine has been removed from the tank.

Zorzini Oval Swing-In/Swing-Out

The 201/LKD oval swing-in/swing-out manway measures 21" x 17" with a 100mm weld neck. It is a smart alternative to the 1601-HD rectangular manway, especially for white wine. Often used as a racking door to visually inspect the remaining tank contents, this swing-in-swing-out door makes it easier to avoid sucking up debris from the bottom of the tank. Comes standard with EPDM natural rubber gasket comes standard. Stocked in 304SS. Zorzini manway doors and manhole covers are known the world over for their beauty, quality and excellent reputation in the winery, brewery and food processing industries. Gould Stainless is proud to be the exclusive Canadian distributor of Zorzini manways and fittings.

Visit the Zorzini Corporate Website for full product information.

Download a copy of the Gould Stainless Stock Manway Catalogue, this catalogue provides information as well as web links to dimensional and exploded view drawings for the manways we do our best to keep in stock.

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